La Pizza (Rossopomodoro) at Eataly

I’m finally making it through all the restaurants in Eataly. It seems like it’s taken me forever but only Manzo and La Pizza/La Pasta are left. Although I had takeout pizza when they first opened I figure I need to dine in to actually experience the true flavor. I stopped the other night and go the very last seat at the pizza bar.

Instead of the usual Margherita Pizza I decided to try the Pomodoro with Cherry Tomatoes, Smoked Provolone Cheese, Ricotta, Parmigiano Reggiano and Fresh Basil.

Just looking at this picture makes me drool a little bit. This pizza was absolutely delicious I was worried the ricotta would be too rich but it was actually very light both in flavor and texture. Nothing like the ricotta cheese bombs we had on our pizza from Lombardi’s.

Each pie was given a liberal pour of Extra Virgin Olive Oil upon exiting the oven and topped with some grated cheese and basil.

In order to love this pizza as much as I did you need to enjoy the taste of a nicely charred bottom. I love the little burnt patched along the bottom which give a nice contrast to the chewy crusty edge.

I’ll admit I was a little concerned the cherry tomatoes wouldn’t be enough for me so I asked for a side of sauce as well. This honestly wasn’t needed in the end but I really enjoyed the taste of the sauce for dipping my crust into.

My service at La Pizza was absolutely wonderful. My waiter was always nearby to check and see how I was doing and constantly had on a big smile. I also loved sitting near the oven so I could see each pizza being made and then smell each delicious pie as they were sent out. I thought La Pizza was quite affordable as well. My pizza was $14 and easily big enough for two. I actually brought half of it home for Mr. T who had the rest for dinner. So there you have La Pizza. I guess I still have two more places to visit since I didn’t try the pastas next door. Damn…so close but so far away.