Another Bohemian Birthday

Saturday of Mr. T’s birthday weekend we met up with another friend who shares the same birthday and a group of us went up to Medieval Times in NJ. I have to admit we had a blast. The food was mediocre at best but the beer flowed freely and it was nice to get out of the city and do something different (Oh the things we do for love).

Sunday was actually Mr. T’s real birthday so he and I went back to his last birthday dinner spot Bohemian. If you recall Bohemian is that quiet little speakeasy of a restaurant hidden away behind a Butcher Shop where you need the special number to get a reservation. Last time we went for their $55 Tasting menu which was an absolute steal for the price but way too much food for us to finish. This time we went a la carte and paced ourselves much better than before.

Our first course Japanese Short Ribs Sashimi with citrus, ponzu, pickled cauliflower and wasabi. I had to order this dish since I have never seen it on a menu before. The meat was extremely tender and had a surprisingly gamey taste to it. I absolutely loved the garlic soy sauce on the side but unfortunately the texture threw me off a bit. It reminded me of a bit of eating tongue…That’s not a bad thing just one of the strange little issues I have every once in a while.

Our next two dishes were our favorites from our dinner last time. First the Uni and Mushroom Croquette. This dish is just ridiculous. There is really no way to describe the rich, creamy Uni seeping into the earthy salt croquette. I would never thick of using the term luxurious for a dish but that exemplifies it to a tee.

The Roasted Branzino was as spectacular as ever with a ton of Roasted Vegetables, Whole Garlic and Mini Potatoes. This dish alone can feed two people easily. The delicate fish gets no better than this and the veggies sop up all the roasting juices and give the most amazing flavor. A couple came and sat next to us right when this dish came out and they were ogling, it like mad. When the time came to order they stunned me by each ordering one in addition to appetizers! I would never look at this dish and think to order it for myself alone. I wish we had stuck around to see how much damage they were able to do.

We honestly could have ended there but I really wanted to try out one last dish the Beef Tartare with Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. OMG this was totally my dish. Can you see the blue oozing out of the bread? That was some seriously funky cheese.

It was absolutely amazing with the tangy mustard and capers on the beef. I think I ate this whole dish myself. Mr. T may have gotten a bite in somewhere but I never noticed. I was in the food zone of love! This is why I dine alone so much. Mr. T could honestly have told me the world was ending and I wouldn’t have cared. I had completely tuned him out and only my love for the beef was on my mind. Hopefully he knows better than to talk to me about anything important during these meals or else I’m in some serious trouble.

We were perfectly stuffed by the end and completely satisfied. The bill arrived and once again I questioned why it had taken us a full year to return. It came to right around $130 with drinks. That’s not cheap but not expensive either. The quality of the food and the calm atmosphere alone could command more but luckily they keep it reasonable. We immediately agreed to return again soon. Hell I may even come here by myself for that Tartare. Birthday weekend complete!