Ippudo How I’ve Missed You!!!

It’s been almost a year since we’ve stopped into Mr. T’s favorite joint. It seems like every time we walk by Ippudo the line is out the door and we’re too hungry to wait. When we showed up last Thursday the line was no different but we decided to wait it out. We got a beer at the bar and the exact second we finished it our name was called. Perfect Timing!

We decided to begin with an order of Stuffed Chicken Wings. Watch out if you order these because they are so hot the roof of my mouth was burned for a week. The skin was nice and crispy but there was almost a little too much ground pork inside. It was a tasty start but nothing compared to the deliciousness that was to follow.

I ordered one of the daily specials a Washugyu Tataki with Potato Salad. Flash Seared Strips of Beef with wasabi on top, ginger in the middle and ponzu sauce on the Bottom. This dish was like picnic on a plate! I loved everything about it!! The Potato Salad could have been called Egg Salad because it was so creamy and rich. The ponzu sauce gave it a nice acidic zest and some spicy mustard on the side was exquisite with the cold beef. I am seriously making a petition for Ippudo to put this on their menu all the time. It may be one of my new favorite dishes.

Mr. T went with his usual order the Modern Ramen. This dish never gets old. The smell of the broth is enough to make you swoon and the layers of crisp, fatty pork inside in unbelievable. This dish will make you a Ramen addict. No Joke. This is the reason for all the long lines. It’s simply happiness in a bowl…a nice big bowl.

I was surprised to see an extended dessert menu at Ippudo and shocked they had Lady M’s famous Mille Cake. Over 20 thin, delicate layers of handmade crepes make up this cake with layers of creamy custard between. It’s honestly a work of art you have to give credit for the intense labor this cake requires. Each bite was surprisingly light but the raspberry sauce on the side really sealed the deal. This costs about $10 but it’s worth each and every penny.

Mr. T and I left Ippudo filled with happy sighs of content. It was the start to Mr. T’s birthday weekend and it couldn’t have begun any better. Never again will we stray away from you for so long Ippudo.

Ippudo Ramen