Happy Cocktail Hour

Today’s comes from the brand new Neely’s BBQ Parlor in the Upper East Side. You may know the Neely couple from the Food Network. The Husband/Wife duo have quite a following for their Memphis Style BBQ. I just happened to be walking by and saw the huge space and decided to stop in for drink and check it out.

The menu had a lot of cocktails that looked interesting but the Gina’s Pigatini caught my eye for some reason.

It ended up being a blend of Peach Vodka with Pink Lemonade. Of course I love pink drinks and while this was a tad to acidic and sweet, it really hit the spot on the exceedingly hot day we were having. Also at only $10 it was quite affordable as far as cocktails go.

This place definitely fits the “Parlor” name. It’s absolutely enormous and kind of reminded me of a Victorian Theme Park. There was Country music rocking and the whole place was decked out in the Old Southern style. I don’t usually like these kind of places but it was actually quite fun. I would really like to stop back and try out the food.

Neelys BBQ Parlor