Lunch at Osteria Morini

Mr. T and I had a great time at the last summer concert in Prospect Park last week. We had a perfect viewing spot in the back with a nice blanket for chilling out and just totally enjoying the place. The temperature was perfect, the moon was big and bright and the bands absolutely rocked! The only thing that made it better was knowing we both had taken the following day off of work to sleep in and rest up for the coming weekend.

Of course you know me...I can’t just sit around on a day off and do nothing. I need a fancy lunch! And so I was off to Michael White’s Osteria Morini to see how their extended RW lunch stood up to the rest.

They started me out with a single piece of piping hot Focaccia. I could smell the garlic and oil of this bread before I even had a chance to sink my teeth into the fluffy, delicate crust. Things were already off to a good start when my beautiful appetizer arrived.

Whipped Sheep’s Milk Ricotta with peas, nepitella pesto and toasted walnuts. This dish was simple, rustic and utterly delicious. I loved the combination of flavors especially the peas. When I was little I spent many a night alone at the dinner table staring at a plate of peas that just wouldn’t go away. I started to bargain with my parents before dinner even began as to how many I had to eat in order to leave the table. Then I would count them out one by one just to make sure I didn’t have to subject myself to even one more horrible morsel than I needed to! Note to Mom- you could have just added some cheese and oil.

Since my favorite fish dish of last year had been at Michael White’s previous restaurant, Marea, I figured I had to try out a fish dish here as well. Unfortunately my Spigola wasn’t anywhere near the height of my expectations. The bass was cooked well and the lemon-caper vinaigrette was tasty but it just all seemed a little bland. The vegetables underneath were watery and I think it helped to dilute the whole dish. It wasn’t horrible but I would definitely try out pasta instead if I return to visit.

Luckily my Gianduja Budino dessert came just in time and really capped off the meal in a great way. The chocolate-hazelnut custard bottom had a perfect caramelized top and more caramel syrup running along the bottom. The gelato was intense and the whipped cream was even more intense.

See the flecks of vanilla! But here’s the best part- a nice slab of hot, crispy cinnamon sugar bread right in the middle. It was like they topped off my dessert with a churro instead of a cherry! This was just phenomenal!

Besides my slight disappointment in my main course I really enjoyed the food at Osteria. My service needed some work however. I had three different waiters before my appetizer came out and my Quartino of wine came as a very small glass instead. Hopefully those kinks will smooth out and I can again enjoy that wonderful Budino.

Osteria Morini