An Old Classic is Certainly Tired

Mr. T had to work Friday night (of his birthday weekend- horrible!) so I was left on my own to figure out something to do. I met with a friend after work for a drink and then headed home in search of some good food. I looked through my wallet and ran across a $50 gift card to the Palm I had gotten from American Express. It expired the end of the month so I decided this would be the perfect night to use it! I hopped on the train and took a ride to Palm West in Times Square. I was lucky enough to get a nice little table in the bar area right by the window which was perfect for people watching. Now I’ll preface this review by saying I was expecting a fabulous meal. The Palm had been around forever and isn’t cheap. Service, food and atmosphere should be first rate I think you would agree.

First they brought me a basket of rolls and bread sticks while I perused the drink list. The Onion roll was quite delicious with pieces of whole garlic and chopped onion in between little grooves in the bread. However the butter was ice cold, something I never understand and hate. It’s impossible to enjoy the roll when the butter rips it to shreds.

I had my eyes set on the Black Widow Martini with fresh mint and Black Raspberry Vodka but they were out of the ingredients. When I asked for a recommendation the waiter said the cocktail list was new and he didn’t know. I was kind of disappointed he couldn’t be of more help. At the last second he said maybe try a margarita…I thought that was a strange recommendation since I was looking at the Martini’s. In the end I ordered the Palm Refresh Martini made with Basil, Cucumber and Vodka.

I had one sip of this drink and my cheeks puckered up so much I thought I might swallow them. There was so much lime it was beyond acidic. I guess I should have listened when he said the drinks were brand new. I was actually planning to ask for a different drink but my waiter never returned until the check arrived. Another strike in my book. Don’t you check back on the new drink you just had made? I was starting to get annoyed but luckily the atmosphere was fabulous.

I was sitting right below one of the big paintings on the wall and right as food my food arrived the heavens opened and it looked like a monsoon outside.

Luckily I was enjoying the scene outside because the scene inside wasn’t getting any better. My $43 9 ounce filet mignon was beyond a disappointment.

It was tough on the ends and had strips of fat through the middle. I’ve never had a filet with fat strips like that and also never had one where I needed to dose it so much with salt and pepper. It was a dry, unflavored piece of meat. Easily the worst steakhouse meat I’ve ever had. Of course my waiter never came over with fresh Pepper, a staple at steakhouses I thought and I simply sat there sipping my horrible martini and gnawing away on the crackly meat like I was eating the turkey from National Lampoons Christmas Dinner.

Luckily the cute busboy was nice. He constantly refilled my water and walked by each time with a big smile. I was a solo diner in a bar filled with loud drunken tourists. Maybe he felt a little bad for me or maybe I was his little escape from this crappy place.

Thank Goodness for that gift card because I would have been furious if I paid $60 for that meal. When I left at 7:30, every table and stool in the place was filled so I guess there are a lot of people out there that like paying a lot for crappy food. For me, I’ll stick with my boy’s at Luger’s and Keens thank you very much.