Bien Cuit AKA Crossiant Crack

I heard about this new bakery Bein Cuit from Serious Eats the other day so the next time I worked in Brooklyn I walked over at lunch time. Upon entering the bakery I spotted a little tray on the counter of croissant samples. I took one, had a bite and it was almost like I had smoked some sort of crack (or how I assume it would be like). It was so good it was absolutely intoxicating. I had planned to buy one of their savory tarts for lunch but my mind was glued onto this croissant. I looked into the case and the somewhat hefty price tag of $4.25 but I didn’t even hesitate. I needed to have this croissant.

The outside is insanely crunchy and buttery while the inside pastry peeled away in fluffy, moist layers of dough and almond crème. The whole thing is then dipped in brandy leaving the bottom layer crisp and caramelized. This was easily the best Almond Croissant I have ever had.


I don’t even eat croissants that much- they are much more Mr. T’s forte. I was planning to save half for him but by the time I got back to the office I was ready to demolish it. I gave some to a coworker, just to ensure it was as good as smoking crack (not like he would know either) he agreed and then I just had at it.

At $4.25 a pop this is definitely on the pricey side but I honestly think it’s worth every penny. Just picking up the bag to leave you’ll be surprised at how heavy it is. I’m sure this pastry has a pound of butter in it but my god it’s fabulous.

Bien Cuit