Get Your Hurricane Beer at The New Cannibal

The Hurricane is coming...that means it’s time to stock up on the essentials. I got some very sound advice yesterday from a relative whose been through these storms before. "Just make sure you have enough wine, vodka and cognac" Who am I too argue with that? I'm just also going to add beer to the list as well!

When I heard Resto was opening a new beer shop I have to say I was psyched. Resto is right near my house and unfortunately while the food and service has been seriously downhill and disappointing the last few times we’ve gone- the beer has always been great.

I swung by just as they were opening up last Sunday and got a peek at some of the beers.

Wow- they had a lot of interesting brews!

A ton of classic Belgian's.

Then some quirky things like a 40 oz. of Miller High Life and some Coors Original? Mr. T's upstate relatives love the banquet beer! Now we have a place to take them!

But definitely don’t stop in if you’re a vegetarian. This place is called cannibal for a reason.

I didn't have any food or drink at the bar but I plan to head back tonight. This is a great place to get a slew of different beers for enjoying as the rain crashes outside.

Hope everyone stays safe this weekend!