Weekend Festivites!

The Madison Square Market opened on Friday! It usually runs in October but there was some sort of snafu with the parks department and they moved it to May. That’s just fine with me- lots more time to enjoy the nice weather.

Lots of new additions this year as you can see. Of the new ones I’m really excited about Asiadog and Calexico. I loved AsiaDog at Luckyrice last year- how can you not love loaded hot dogs! Momofuku on the other hand was a little disappointing. They only carry cookies and drinks. I would have loved me some cake truffles.

Mr. T and I went by yesterday and picked up some frites from Bar Suzette. Unfortunately they weren’t exactly frites but more like shoestrings. They were terribly over salted and really not satisfying at all.

We then tried out a chicken tamale from Breezy Hill Orchard. Unfortunately this wasn’t very good either. The chicken was over spiced and the corn was dry. I feel a little bad for them. Usually they have a ton of great apple and pumpkin products. I guess the change of market season had them scrambling for something new.

Although we didn’t have the best luck yesterday I’m confident it will get better. Roberta’s is back with their awesome pizza and Resto has a decent looking menu.
The best surprise this year is the beer! Almost every station is selling a different craft beer. It was nice to see such a long list at Nunu chocolates.

As if that weren’t enough excitement there was also the Festival of Ideas for the New City going on and they had some vendors from the Brooklyn Flea.

The sound of the Milk Truck’s all day breakfast sandwich called to me and I was so happy with what I received.

This was hands down the best morning sandwich I have ever had. The crusty rye bread had been slathered with a ton of butter and then grilled with sweet caramelized onions, some seriously gooey gruyere and a fried egg. I would like to start every morning with this guy.

The Bowery Mission was giving tours as part of the festival and it was pretty interesting. I even got to go up to their rooftop and check out the garden they've started.

So the weekend was full of festivities but also some seriously sad news. I had my last venture down to Bespoke Chocolates since I heard they were closing after this week. I talked to Rachel and unfortunately the news is true. Bespoke was my go to place for fabulous chocolates. I’ve brought my parents here, friends from Vegas, friends from Buffalo, hell- we even flew a whole box of their pumpkin bon bons to Florida for Thanksgiving! I’m seriously sad and hope that they can find a way to come back again. Best of luck to Bespoke and Rachel!