A Little Bit of Buffalo at Little Town

I was really excited when I heard a bar/restaurant was opening up right nearby completely dedicated to NY food and drink. Immediately in my head I heard a chant of “chicken finger sub, chicken finger sub”. I swung by with Mr. T on a Thursday night and the place was bumping! All the tables were filled and we were luckily enough to get two seats at the bar after only a few minutes. Little Town is in the old Vintage Irving space and while they didn’t change too much around I love the addition of a big screen TV in the back. This will be perfect for nice day sports watching with the open doors.

I almost always get a flight of beers when it’s offered and here was no different. For $12 you get this flight of beers, PLUS a pint of beer! That’s an awesome deal (just reinforcing even more how much I hate the Tap Room and their prices).

But I was here most for the food. On the menu were some classics- Spiedie’s from Binghamton, garbage plates from Rochester (oh boy!), salt potatoes form Syracuse and exactly what I was looking for- a chicken finger sub. Mr. T and I decided to stick to the Buffalo side of things and get an order of wings and the sub.

When the plate arrived I knew immediately it wasn’t going to taste like the sub I was used to. There was no provolone cheese on top, no lettuce, tomato or blue cheese dressing. Instead just chunks of breaded chicken that had been tossed in sauce and topped with some blue cheese crumbles.

Having said all of that…this was still a really tasty and satisfying sandwich. The spicy and tangy sauce on the chicken was absolutely addicting and the blue cheese crumbles melted a little between the roll and the meat creating a nice chunky blue cheese sauce that rocked. Although I hope they come closer to creating what I find at home this sandwich still completely rocked!

The Garbage wings were quite a hit as well. Although these look exactly like the sub wings the Garbage ones have quite a different taste with hot sauce, bbq sauce and fresh garlic dressing all on one wing. The BBQ definitely seemed to take over most of the flavor but I loved the unusual mixture and snappy exterior of the wing. And judging by everyone around who also had an order, they were quite the crowd pleaser.

So Little Town is a welcome new joint for the Union Square area. I’m dying to try out everything on the menu- they have Reuben’s, Pretzel Crusted Chicken Fingers, Clam Strips and Beer Battered Chicken Wings (WTF??) I foresee watching many a Yankee game here this summer and trying out more fabulous NY State food.

Little Town