Sushi at the Plaza Food Hall

The last time I ate at Todd English’s Food Hall I enjoyed the food but the service was atrocious. I had hoped it was simply the holiday season so I decided to give it another shot last week. Unfortunately we found much, maybe even more, of the same. It was about 4:30 on a Saturday and we were seated right away at the flat bread bar. The place was certainly buzzing but by no means packed as there were multiple open seats through out the various sections. Our waiter came over right away for our drink order which was nice, but that would be the only good service we would have for the rest of the meal. After waiting about 15 long minutes after the drink order our waiter finally came back, without drinks, to take our food order. I was a little concerned since we had only ordered Prosecco and a beer, not exactly complicated, but we placed our food order and hoped for the best. About 10 minutes later we still have no drinks. Our waiter seems to be hanging out with some friends and when I finally catch his eye he seems surprised to see no food or drink in front of us. Off he goes to the bar.

Within one minute he’s back with my Prosecco and Mr. T’s beer which seem to have been sitting on the counter. He seems happy with himself and returns to “hanging out”. Literally 20 more minutes go by and no food has arrived. We had only ordered one sushi roll and I could see it on the sushi counter. It took every part of my being not to grab it myself. It wasn’t until another “eye catch” from the waiter does he realize we are still there and off he is again to pick up our roll.

When he comes over he says something to the effect of “I had to go to the sea myself just to get this for you”. Well not really you had to walk 15 steps to the sushi bar. We were annoyed to say the least. The Sea Dragon we ordered was made with BBQ Eel, Shrimp Tempura and spicy mayo. The pieces were huge and although the BBQ sauce was a little too thick for my tastes it did hit the spot and was pretty full of flavor.

I knew we should have gotten the check as soon as our roll arrived but I didn’t and was left to sit for another 5 or 10 minutes after the roll was done to flag him down for that. At this point neither of us were surprised we just wanted to the F’K out of there! It’s unfortunate I had another horrible service again because the space is really fun and different. However it will take me a lot to return again and I mean A LOT! This kind of service just ruins a meal, a mood and an atmosphere. Boo to you Plaza Food Court. Boo.