Run- Don’t Walk to Miller’s Tavern

Mr. T and I don’t make it over into Williamsburg that often. Honestly it’s probably only about 6 or 7 times per year but whenever we do we have a great time and these past two visits were no different. Let me back up.

A few weekends back we had a concert tickets to a show at the Knitting Factory Brooklyn. We also had a friend visiting and decided to make a day of it by starting out at Radagast for some beers and onto Spuyten Duyvil for some more good beers. It was starting to reach about 8:00 and I had no reservations for dinner. All of a sudden I realized everything was packed. We started wandering the streets trying to find a table and finally stumbled upon Millers Tavern.

Miller’s Tavern sits on the Hope Street in a cute unassuming little space. Walking inside it felt very neighborhoodish and lively. They had fantastic music playing and the servers all greeted us with big smiles. We got a table right up front and put in an order for oysters.

Miller’s has $1 Oysters every night until midnight which is a great deal. The oysters were big and briny and we devoured them and immediately wanted more. Unfortunately they had already run out for the night so we opted for the Garlic Tiger Shrimp appetizer with lemon and grilled baguette instead.

Me, Garlic and shrimp together are pretty much a match made in heaven and here was no different. The shrimp were extra plump with a sweet little kick. And OMG did they soak this bread in butter before it was grilled because good lordy it was delicious! I could eat bread like this every day!

Well the appetizers certainly were wonderful and onto the mains we go. I ordered the Miller’s Burger with house pancetta, smoked gouda and caramelized onions. Yes that is the exact description from the menu and exactly why I ordered it. If just those ingredients don’t make your mouth water I don’t know what will. The burger was awesome. I am a firm believer that smoked gouda should be part of any juicy beef burger from now on although only accompanied by the sweet caramelized onions and salty pancetta. Simply Amazing!

Things got even better when I tried a bite of Mr. T’s Rabbit Ragu with Fresh Pappardelle and herbed ricotta. OMG I was seriously in awe of this dish. Nothing beats fresh pasta and here it was done perfect with a hearty, stick to your ribs, ragu and a dollop of melty ricotta cheese on top- it was heaven in a bowl. This pasta reminded me of something I would have at Babbo- that’s how good it was.

We also had a fantastic steak frites with a nice side of roasted garlic, and a decent but not amazing macaroni and cheese. Overall though we were completely blown away by the meal. It was amazing. We were all so ecstatic to have chosen this place. So ecstatic I decided I needed to return immediately to make sure the meal wasn’t a fluke. So the very next weekend we found ourselves back in Williamsburg. This time with three different dining companions.

Once again we got the fabulous oysters and Tiger Shrimp to start but also added a pot of Mussels to the list. These mussels were fabulous. Big, plump specimen with a fragrant garlic, shallot and white wine broth that I could have drank right from the bowl. The crispy fries that accompanied the mussels were no joke either. Thin and salty with a perfectly crisp exterior and some crushed herbs on top.

Again we ordered the magnificent burger and Rabbit Papardelle, both of which did not disappoint. I will say the burger was slightly over salted on this occasion but it was still perfectly cooked and juicy. Don’t get me started on the Rabbit Ragu…I could eat that dish every single day and die happy.

We also added the Roasted Cornish hen, a special Lamb and Chickpea dish and a side of creamy Polenta. All of these dishes were outstanding and I don’t think anyone left a thing on their plates. So once again a fabulous meal at Miller’s Tavern and this place now has a top spot in my heart. I’m not sure when I’ll make it back out to Williamsburg again but you’d better bet I’m coming back here for a meal.

Miller's Tavern


It all looks so good, putting on my running shoes.