Taste of Tribeca

It was a gorgeous day for a food tasting this past Saturday and the streets of Tribeca were packed for the annual Taste of Tribeca. I decided to attend last minute and unfortunately most of the good dishes were already gone by the time I arrived at 2:00 but I did enjoy some.

Delightful was the Olive Oil Cured Diver Scallop with Caviar Mousse from Thalassa. The presentation was stunning and the many layers of flavors were exceptional.

The best thing I ate was the Bacalhau Tatar from Macao Trading Co. It doesn’t look that wonderful in the picture but it was salty, refreshing and delightful! Apparently seafood on a cracker was my mantra that day.

There was a decent showing of Lamb Meatball from Loconda Verde. Although I love lamb and meatballs, I’m finding the combination a bit overdone and boring. This version was a little too sweet on the sauce for me and I only had a bite.

Also decent but not exactly successful were the beef sliders from Warren 77 and the chicken Tacos from the stand beside them. The sliders needed more flavor, which might have gotten drained out after sitting around a few hours. I also would have enjoyed some ketchup with my sliders but alas none was to be found.

The chicken taco just didn’t taste very good. The chicken was a watery mess, so instead I used my last tasting on some Sweet & Salty Cupcakes from Tribeca Treats and headed off to do some wine tasting.

Every year local wine shops open their doors to TOT patrons and give free tastings all day. While all were spectacular my favorite this year was at Vestry wines where they did a six flight tasting with a lot of spunk and fun. Unfortunately the sky opened up as I left the last store and I got somewhat soaked on the way home but otherwise a Saturday well spent!