Saturday at the Red Hook Ball Fields

Every summer I here the chatter start on the food blogs and message boards about the great ethnic food carts out at the Red hook ball fields. So much chatter in fact that when my friend mentioned going opening weekend I jumped at the chance. We headed over on the IKEA ferry and walked through the quiet and somewhat desolate park over to the fields. There were only about 9 or 10 trucks total I would say. I was expecting more but after all the eating we did I don’t think any more are needed.

I was all about getting a pupusa so I jumped at the first truck I saw. There was no line so I ordered a chicken and cheese one. I was given my order almost immediately and I have to say I was really disappointed. There was barely any chicken or cheese inside and all I tasted was dry, mealy corn. This was my first pupusa so I figured I just didn’t enjoy this El Salvador delight.

So I ambled over to a taco truck and tried out the Carne Asada Taco first. I liked the spicy grilled chunks of meat but it was nothing compared to the deliciousness of the Goat meat taco.

This was so moist it was practically dripping. I threw on some of the green hot sauce below and it just rocked my world.

They also had a cart serving up some grilled corn on the cob- Mr. T’s favorite. And everyone seemed to be selling fruity watermelon drinks and creamy horchata’s.

Well I was pretty stuffed at this point but Mr. T and I noticed that one line had been particularly long the entire time we were there. It was another pupusa place and we decided to try it our before leaving. Thank Goodness Mr. T suggested doing this.

What was delivered to us in no means resembled what we were given at the first. This pupusa just looked better first of all. You could see the crackling grilled cheese on the outside and felt the buttery grilled cakes up lifting to your mouth. The inside literally oozed with fillings of gooey cheese, succulent pork and moist chicken. This was the BOMB! Seriously it blew me away how fricken awesome and wonderful it was compared to the first. I was so angry to have wasted some serious stomach space on the first but so happy to have waited for the second. This is what pupusa’s are all about. Man it was awesome!

So after consuming well too much food and enjoying some of the soccer games we headed out into Cobble Hill where I noticed Manhattan Special on draft.

Which is just plain weird and then we imbibed in some serious tiki drinks at Zombie Hut.

It was a nice relaxing day with plenty of outdoor fun. This is my fourth weekend in five weeks spent in Brooklyn and I'm checking out Char No. 4 next. What is going on with me?