From Senorita to Senora

I just got the wedding photos from our photographer so although I'm going back about two months I'm finally doing my wedding post. I'm just going to summarize the rest of the trip but needless to say it was awesome!

So if you remember Mr. T and I decided to have our wedding in Puerto Vallarta.
For one night we left the resort and had the rehearsal dinner in town at El Dorado by Boca Bento. The scene was absolutely fantastic with four large tables right on the sand perfect for watching the incredible Puerto Vallarta sunsets.

To begin each person had a traditional Tortilla Salad.

Followed by a choice of Grilled beef Medallions with Wasabi Potato Puree, Grilled Vegetables and Pasilla Chile Sauce.

Adobo Shrimp with Grilled Pineapple, Sticky Rice and Chimichurri Sauce

Or Seared Filet of Mahi Mahi with Sticky Rice, Plantains and a Lemongrass Soy Sauce.

I had ordered the Adobo Shrimp and loved the combo of spicy rubbed shrimp with the sweet warm pineapple. The Mahi Mahi I tried was just as tasty but the Beef Medallions blew everything out of the water. I never order beef in foreign countries since I think we have the best but man this was one fantastic dish! The beef was perfectly cooked and seasoned just right with a mild chili sauce and some insanely delicious wasabi potatoes. It was so good I took one to go home with me (which unfortunately was mostly eaten by Carrie but that’s okay:)

For dessert we enjoyed a Chocolate Temptation Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream and as night fell upon us the fire pits were light up and a festive tiki party on the beach erupted.

It was such a fantastic setting! The staff did wonderful making sure all my guests were taken care of and the only thing better than the meal was our crazy bus trip home (It was a private bus no worries- just filled with alcohol induced singing).

The rest of the time we spent at Playa Fiesta but there was way too much food and drink to tell you all about. After all we were there five days. But here are some of my favorites- super moist grilled Mahi Mahi fish tacos, enormous chorizo, beef and chicken taco platters for two and of course my favorite dessert of all time fried ice cream. These we enjoyed throughout the week but here’s a little show of the actual wedding night dinner:

Appetizers not pictured vegetarian dumplings, salmon crostini and hamburger sliders.

First course- Shrimp Ceviche in Homemade Tortilla Bowl.

Second Course- Cesar Salad with homemade Croutons.

Third Course- Prime Rib and Sea Bass with Béarnaise Sauce and sautéed Vegetables.

Fourth Course- Churro’s and Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate, Mango and Strawberry Sauce.

Everything was a hit for sure but the Cesar Salad and Churro’s stood out most for me. I’m a Cesar Salad freak and this was one of the best I have ever had- hands down. The Churro’s were all served right out of the fryer, piping hot and the cinnamon sugar crunch was a welcome change from the usual dry, stale wedding cake. And we ended it all with fireworks! Yay!!

As if that weren’t enough the staff at Playa Fiesta were absolutely fantastic- five stars for service no doubt. By day two they knew everyone’s name and drink order. They were always right there to fix any problem with a smile, completely catered to Mr. T's cilantro allergy and they made each and every day for me such a pleasure as an anxious bride-to-be. If you're ever in Puerto Vallarta I suggest stopping in for a night or two.

We were actually supposed to leave on Sunday for another resort but Mr. T had too many Cape Cod's the night before and couldn't get out of bed until Monday morning. No Worries! The fabulous hotel said we could stay as long as we want and I had an opportunity to go into town and eat some Mexican Pizza that night!

Honestly this was just a simple wood fired pizza- nothing super Mexican about it. It could have used a little salt and pepper but the crust had a decent crunch and the sauce and cheese were surprisingly tasty. Ben washed it all down with a Mexican Coke and all was good in the world.

So there you have it- the time there was so much more precious and special to me than I could ever fully say in a blog but the week was simply awesome. It was a perfect food, drink and family week and I am now officially Mrs. T! Arriba!