Ode to the End of Ramps at Eataly

The season is almost over so we're ending with two Ramp specials from Eataly. First up from Le Verdure Bruschetta with Tomato and Chargrilled Ramps.

This was a celebration of the season for sure! The char on the ramps brought out a meaty flavor to the plant and along with it a salty smoky aftertaste. The sweet tomato and delightful pour of olive oil underneath made this the best bruschetta I have ever had.

Over in the Piazza Mr. T tried out a different Seasonal Special Soft Shell Crab with Grilled Ramps. I still can’t get over the texture of Soft Shell Crabs so I only tried a bite but Mr. T thought it was delicious. I was happy when he used some free bread to make it into a sandwich so I didn’t have to see him just chow down on the whole crab. However at almost $20 a pop this was a little overpriced for what you received.

So there’s one last little celebration of the ramp dishes. Hope you all enjoyed!