A Quick Lunch at Blue Ribbon Sushi & Grill

I happened to be in the Columbus Circle area last week and felt an enormous craving for sushi. Luckily Blue Ribbon was right nearby so I popped in and got a seat at the counter in back. I knew I was having a big dinner later that night so I stuck with a light lunch- Yellowtail Scallion Roll and a piece of Tuna Sushi.

My Goodness how long has it been since I’ve had good sushi! Everything tasted amazing! The scallion was so fresh I could truly smell the onion as it was placed before me. The Yellowtail was vibrant and the Tuna was simply bright and luscious. I absolutely loved their rice as well. It was sticky but smaller grain than usual and had a slightly salty flavor.

For $9.25 the roll was certainly pricier than average but I would pay the extra buck or two any day for quality like this. Service was exceptional as well. My waitress was friendly and efficient- perfect for a midday lunch.