Radiance Tea House & Books

Located in the crazy area between Times Square and Hell’s Kitchen, Radiance Tea House is a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of Midtown at lunchtime. When I arrived the other day just after 12:30 the place was about three quarters filled but calm and quiet. It was almost as everyone was talking in hushed tones but completely enjoying themselves. It was very Zen.

They have an extensive list of Hot Tea, Iced Teas and even Tea Cocktails! I was feeling something cool so I ordered a deliciously creamy Almond Latte.

For lunch I ordered their Shrimp and Avocado Rice Bowl which came with a soup or salad. The presentation on this dish was lovely. Everything looked and tasted so fresh and wonderful. The side salad was your standard but the Miso dressing on the shrimp and slightly sticky rice really made this lunch special really stand out. I couldn’t even come near finishing everything and for $12.95 this is quite a steal for a filling lunch.

This might sound odd but I realized how much I actually loved Radiance after I left. I walked outside and was immediately hit with loud honking horns, crowds of suits roaming everywhere and just the general chaos that is lunchtime in Midtown. All of my Zen feelings left and I was right back into the mix, but it made me truly realize what an oasis Radiance Tea House can be. For those days when you really need to just take a moment and relax- this is your spot.

Radiance Tea House