Happy Thursday Cocktail at Dutch Kills

The week is almost over- Thank Goodness! Luckily I’m always on the lookout for a good bar- preferably one that’s a little on the manly side with lots of wood furnishing, piano in the background and great bartenders. (Trumpet sound) Please enter Dutch Kills. This little bar has been getting a ton of press since it opened and for good reason. It has everything I mentioned above as far as atmosphere goes and some delicious cocktails to boot. I swung by the other night and tried out the Queens Park Swizzle a blend of Lime, Sugar, Rum and bitters. Look at the layers in this beautiful cocktail. Doesn’t it just look refreshing and delicious!

It certainly was- although I may ask for a tad less sugar next time, it was exactly what I wanted and for only $11 quite a steal as far as the cocktail scene in this city goes. The low slung bar stools and natural light cascading in from the skylights above make it a relaxing place to imbibe. Too bad it’s all the way out in Long Island City. I may have to make this my new destination stop.