Happy Memorial Day Weekend !

This is probably my favorite weekend of the year. Masses of people flock to the beach, college students return home for summer and the city becomes a little bit more calm and a little bit more peaceful.

No plans? Head on over to the Madison Square Market which is still going on. You can pick up something different than the regular old Hot Dog or Hamburger here. For instance check out Asia Dog!

First you pick your dog- beef, organic beef, chicken or veggie, then you pick your topping. There's no regular old mustard here! Think Kimchi and Curry, Mango and Peanut, or what I went for the Wang Ding with BBQ Pork Belly and Onions.

Truth be told I had this already once back at the Lucky Rice Festival and loved it! Here they topped it with a tad too much Hosin sauce but it was still delicious. The casing was snappy and the dog had a wonderful smokey flavor that rocked with the fatty belly.

Plus you can enjoy a beer while sitting outside! What's better! So enjoy the weather and the weekend!