Upstate Brunch at Tarry Tavern

I took Metro North up to Tarrytown one Sunday to visit my friend for brunch. I had read about Tarry Tavern online and really wanted to see how the food stacked up. I really wanted to order one of everything on the menu- it looked amazing. To begin we split an order of the Butternut Squash & Pear Ravioli with Brown Butter, Sage and Walnut Puree.

What’s not to love about this combination? The addition of pear to the squash gave the filling a little bit of zest. I thoroughly enjoyed dipping my fork in the walnut puree with each bit and the brown butter and sage sauce was phenomenal. Unfortunately the ravioli was a tad too al dente for my taste buds. I would have cooked it about a minute longer.

I really struggled with what to order for my main course but it had been months since I indulged in a burger and I felt it was about time. This is the TT Wagyu Burger with Bacon-Onion Jam, White Cheddar and Hand Cut Fries.

Look at that beautiful innard! The beef was buttery, rich and insanely moist. It was so packed with flavor actually that I didn’t think this needed anything on top- not even cheese. There was a huge amount of jam and bacon packed on that was just too much for the intense burger. Wagyu beef does not need a sweet spread or fatty bacon to enhance it. I took the top off and enjoyed it separately from the burger and it was much better. The hand cut fries were unfortunately way too fried. They had no bend whatsoever and tasted only of oil. So more pasta cook time, less potato grease time.

My cohort went with a normal brunch order of Bacon and Eggs. As you can see from the picture they gave her sausage instead of bacon. Luckily my friend loves all meat products and didn’t care. Her eggs were tasty and if it wasn’t for the meat switch its a successful dish.

So overall Tarry Tavern was tasty but there were a few things they could work out. Hopefully they will soon because I completely plan on coming back to check out the rest of the delicious looking menu next time I’m in the area.

Tarry Tavern