Mr. T and I have been enjoying ramps for the past two weeks now thanks to Eataly. I was going to save this post for my Eataly week (Coming up soon!) But then I had the most amazing cocktail involving ramps so I must talk about it now.

However as you can see Eataly has some awesome veggies in their department. Now I know some people think ramps are overrated- and possibly they are a bit. Having such a short window of opportunity to enjoy something always ramps (ha) up the value and buzz about something. However I truly love the flavor of ramps and anything that involves them.

Case in point the 323 cocktail from Inoteca Liquori made with gin, lemon sour and muddled pineapple and ramps. OMG this cocktail was delicious. How could it not be with three of my favorite things- ramps, pineapple and liquor :) It reminded me a bit of the Rickshaw I had at Gramercy Tavern because of its savory edge. If you’re a ramp addict like me this is surly something to check out.

Inoteca Liquori