Eataly Week Day 5- Focaccia and Fruit

Obviously I’m obsessed with the desserts and coffee at Eataly but I probably spend most of my time here buying our groceries. Eataly has some of the best fruit and vegetables going and some really rare finds as well.

Just the other day Mr. T and I went shopping for strawberries and came out with a plethora of other items. Three different types of apples, two new kinds of pears, blood oranges, expensive but amazing dried cherries and strawberries and some weird Andes Fruits. Look at these things.

Mr. T and I had no idea what we were supposed to do with them but they were pretty darn tasty.

Another delicious buy is the Roast chicken from the Rosticceria. For around %10.00 you get a whole chicken that's unbelievable tender and ridiculously moist. However skip the rosemary potatoes as a side. They're tasty but expensive for the amount you receive.

Last but not least one of the most affordable and delicious things at Eataly I’ve never discussed- the Focaccia. Mr. T tends to stick to the Ham and Cheese focaccia but they have about five different kinds and are always experimenting. The bread has a great texture with just the right amount of oil and fresh toppings. The other day I tried one with peas and gorgonzola. It was out of this world and under $2.00 for an enormous piece. Now that’s a bargain!


Ann Darsh said…
Those fruits are called gooseberries. Some Greenmarket vendors carry them. So good!
Roze said…
That's actually pretty funny because I know I like wines that are described as having flavors of gooseberries but I never had the actual item! Thanks Ann!
Carl said…
Nope, not Gooseberries, not even close to the same family.

They are called Physalis Peruviana, or Golden Berries, and are a kind of Nightshade, relative of tomatoes and potatoes.

Some other names are Inca Berries, Aztec Berry, Peruvian Cherry (and yes... in South Africa, Cape Gooseberry, but they are neither Gooseberries nor Cherries).