The Tuck Shop

I’ve probably walked past this little shop on 1st street about a million times before and not once did I think about stopping inside. However absolute starvation and a little bit of frustration lead me here and I’m so glad it did. I’m not going to get into the story- it’s the food that counts- but basically it was 4:30 in the afternoon, I hadn’t eaten a thing all day except a devils on horseback and I had already shared a bottle of champagne with three friends. It sounds alarming but it really just boils down to a friends birthday visit in the city and me standing on a corner waiting for her for over a half hour while her cell phone was off.

I was waiting at 1st and 1st and I just couldn’t take it anymore. My stomach was literally groaning and my head was starting to hurt from the champagne buzz wearing off. I ran into Tuck Shop- ordered up a Pulled Pork Pie and a Coopers Sparkling.

Man oh man! Look at this glorious meat pastry! A heaping pile of spicy pork was topped off with a mound of creamy coleslaw, only be held together by a flaky, buttery casing of pie crust. Talk about a calorie bomb! This was exactly what I needed.

The pork was moist and would have been a bit too hot on its’ own but the buttery crust and slaw really cooled down the spice. The pie was even more satisfying with my refreshing Coopers Sparkling. I sat there chowing away, listening to some good tunes until my friend walked by the window. I almost didn’t wave her in- I was to into the sandwich- but I’m nice so I did. And I even shared:) This thing is monstrous and both of us were full after splitting only one. For under $10 this is a seriously good cheap eats stop.

The Tuck Shop