Eataly Week Day 2- A Tale of Two Desserts

Obviously at this point I’ve had almost every single dessert Eataly’s pasticceria has to offer. The most recent ones had very different expectations and outcomes. First the Baba al Limoncello.

I’ve always been a fan of lemon desserts but I had been put off by the strange shinly glaze coating this one. It wasn’t until one of the barista’s actually told me it was his favorite that I decided to try it out.

Underneath that shiny glaze coating lays a delicate and fluffy yellow cake that’s been soaked in that wonderful liquor limoncello. The middle is filled with a cool and refreshing lemon pudding and the entire dessert was simply wonderful. This dessert was just as good as the barista said and I ended up licking the sugary glaze off the bottom it was so tasty. Note to self- looks can be deceiving.

Such was the case the other way with the Torta. I was intrigued by the delicate lines of cream lacing the top and rich brown layers of nuts and frosting. However the taste was much more than I was expecting in a not so good sort of way. This was billed as a Hazelnut Cake but I wasn’t ready for just how intensely nutty this pastry would be.

The filling was crushed hazelnuts, the frosting was a thick sugary hazelnut cream and even the dense crust tasted like it had some hazelnuts crushed into it. This was not for me- the entire dessert was much too linear in flavor and overall too sweet. So one hit and one miss- I still will try anything that comes out of that pasticceria.