Redfarm Stand at Foodparc

I was in the awful dead zone area of 30th street the other day for work and the one thing I was looking forward to was trying out the new FoodParc. Foodparc is a crazy new indoor/outdoor space that houses four different food places in one with crazy computers everywhere for ordering. That’s right- I didn’t have to speak to anyone to get my food. Just place an order at the kiosk and a text message was sent to my phone when it was ready- pretty cool huh.

I decided on Redfarm Stand since I heard Chef Joe NG from Chinatown Brasserie was behind the food and it truly lived up to my expectations. The Signature Skewered Chicken was perfect. The moist pieces of poultry were topped with a tangy brown glaze and a creamy side of peanut sauce. This was probably one of the best satay’s I’ve ever had.

The chicken and shrimp dumplings were really tasty as well. Sometimes I get grossed out by how oily dumplings are. Not at all here. The skin was lightly pan fried and filled with big pieces of shrimp and ground up chicken. Everything tasted so fresh it was a nice contrast to a lot of midtown Asian food.

So Foodparc was a hit. The prices seemed a little steep at first but the portions were more than worth it and the high tech ordering put a little fun into my workday.