Another Easter Brunch at Zum Schneider

Mr. T and I enjoyed our Easter brunch at Zum Schneider so much last year we’ve decided to make it an annual tradition. It was especially gorgeous this Easter Sunday and we soaked in the rays along our walk down to Alphabet City. After a quick stop at Venerio’s for some Easter Egg bread and mini desserts we were ready for some beers!

Zum switched up their beer list and now offers four different Hofbräuhaus Traunstein beers. We both started with the Helles and perused their specials menu. Just like last year Zum had a special Easter Ham and Easter Lamb dish. Since we got the lamb last year we decided to try the ham this year instead.

Easter Ham!! Nice thick slabs of succulent ham were covered in light mustard gravy with a heaping side of mashed potatoes. This dish was right up my alley. I loved the crispy skin on the outer edge of the ham and the gravy was especially delicious.

It came with a side of greens beans that were tasty but not as crispy and delicious as I remember last years being. Now as much as I loved my Easter ham I knew Mr. T was going to hate it as soon as it was set down at our table. He is a huge mustard hater and the gravy was a total turn off for him.

Luckily we had also ordered some potato pancakes. Zum always makes the best pancakes with flattened, brown crispy sides and the most delicious side salad going.

After we finished our meal we enjoyed a few Rolo’s from the table Easter basket.

Then we decided to have one more beer as we watched the children look for hidden eggs throughout the restaurant.

I stuck to the Traunstein beers and this time ordered the Dunkel. This was absolutely fantastic with strong notes of sweet caramel and rich chocolate finish, while Mr. T got his favorite beer Spatan Optimator. It was a lovely way to spend Easter Sunday and a tradition that I hope to continue each and every year.

Zum Schneider