Eataly week Day 4- More Desserts

I’m almost down to the wire. I think after this I have one more dessert to try and then I’ve had them all. I have to say I think I saved one of the best for last with this one.

This is the Amar Dus- a Raisin Brioche with Chocolate Mousse and Almond Bavarian. Why in the world did I wait so long to try this! The Bavarian creme in the middle was so rich it was positively decadent and along with the smoky almonds and salty raisins it tasted utterly amazing.

The Coffee Panna Cotta on the other hand was only so so. It tasted okay- like coffee and crème, almost like my Cremespresso actually, but it was boring. Not big flavors jumping out here. But that little Amar Dus, OMG just thinking about it now makes want to run over to Eataly right now and get one. Actually I will- Bye!