Dine in Brooklyn River Cafe

Obviously you all know I love Restaurant Week for it’s 3 course menus at bargain prices but there are other weeks to enjoy like that as well. Like Dine In Brooklyn Week! It’s basically the same deal as RW but slightly cheaper and only in Brooklyn. I happened to be working in Brooklyn on Wednesday was able to snag a table at the River Café for lunch. I was seated at a fantastic table right in the back, so I had a great view of the entire buzzing restaurant and water and no one seemed to notice me as a solo diner. It was perfect! The first thing I noticed on the menu were the Lamb Meatballs “Au Poivre” that Ben had ordered last time we were here. After just one bite of his dish I had been so jealous I didn’t order it myself. Now I could!

The meatballs were so tender and light a fork easily cut into them. The dish had a nice subtle spice from the peppercorn sauce and the buttery potatoes were a perfect vessel for mopping up every single last drop of Cognac sauce. Heaven!

Now before my entrée arrived the waiter brought over a special little dish just for me! Scallop Ceviche with tomato and cilantro. Refreshingly tart- this was one tasty unexpected surprise! I went totally out of my comfort zone entrée wise and ordered the Ruby Red Shrimp Risotto with fresh white asparagus, Main shrimp, rosemary cured Mangalitsa pork lardo and Parmigiano Reggiano.

I never order risotto but I may have to start because this was lovely. I was worried the rice would be heavy from the lardo but it was light and creamy. The asparagus slices gave a nice little snap to the dish and the shrimp were nice and tender. Last but not least the tasting dessert!

I love River Café for many reasons but the Dessert Sampler for RW is really the clincher for me. Who wouldn’t love sampling this little tray.

The warm almond and blueberry tart was a wonderful sign of spring and tasted like it as well.

The Chocolate Marquise cake was intense, almost too chocolaty for my tastes but helped out this year by some fresh whipped cream from Ronnybrook Frams.

My absolute favorite of the plate- Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory Strawberry Ice Cream inside a fresh Cinnamon Cone. The ultra creamy ice cream exploded with fresh strawberries and tasted like it had just been churned out moments before. OMG I could have eaten about ten more of these.

So there you have it- another wonderful meal at the River Café and all of this food (not including drinks) for $20.11. That my friend is an absolute bargain.

The River Cafe