Social Eatz- AKA I’m in love with Angelo Sosa

Okay my love affair with Angelo Sosa began by watching Top Chef, solidified at the NYC Food and Wine festival and now has peeked at Social Eatz. Remember how much I loved his Pork Belly in October? Well now he opened up his own place called Social Eatz in Midtown East. Mr. T and I took a trek up there last Saturday and got a seat at the bright orange bar. They don’t have a liquor license yet so we stuck to some waters and I ordered the Bibimbap Burger.

Good Lord look at this thing. A nice fatty meat patty topped with a slow cooked egg, pickled carrots, cucumber, lettuce and a spicy mayo sauce.

This thing was seriously amazing. The egg seeped into the ground beef when I bite in and the spicy kick of the sauce was chilled out by the cool pickled vegetables. NOM NOM NOM. Yes that was me happily chowing away.

Mr. T’s dish was amazing as well- Chicken Corn and Coconut Tacos made with sweet corn, coconut relish, chipotle onion avocado and jalapeño. Much like the burger the taco had a big kick of spice up front but then a cool after bite from the creamy coconut relish. It was tropical and exciting. I’m honestly not sure which dish I like more- they were both amazing.

The fries that came with my burger were quite tasty as well. They were long and skinny with a nice crunch- kind of like McDonalds.

We can’t wait to go back to Social Eatz and try out the rest of the menu. Mr. T is so unhappy because he used to work in the neighborhood for years and the lunch options stunk. Now there’s a slew of great stuff around here. Angelo you’ve done it again!

Social Eatz