It's Eataly Week at Nyctastes!!!!

Yes that's right. This will be a whole week dedicated to my favorite place in the world Eataly!! And we begin with my weekend eye opener at Cafe Lavazza.

I truly cannot start my Saturday and Sunday without a trip here. I’m absolutely obsessed with their espresso drinks and I’ve had time to try out almost all of the menu. I’ve told you all about their Peiodmonte and regular espresso as well as the Espresso Alla Spuma Di Nocciola (which I didn’t have named before). But have I introduced you to the Espresso Cremespresso before?

Welcome to my favorite new coffee drink of all time. Doesn’t it just look stunning! Pure espresso coffee at the base then topped off with Cremespresso and a sprinkle of coffee powder. Cremespresso is basically espresso that’s been blended with cream and milk then frozen so it has a nice icy smooth texture. OMG this is so freakin good! It’s like a dessert honestly. A dessert I must start every weekend morning with!

For a true dessert coffee drink I suggest the Iced Mocha. This is espresso with cold chocolate and whipped cream. Honestly this was a little bit too sweet for me. I think the ratio of chocolate and espresso would have been better about 50/50 rather than ¼ espresso and ¾ chocolate. It was just too sweet for me. That’s okay though I still have my Cremespresso. Yummmm….