Tap Room 307

Mr. T and I were so excited to hear that Andrea, a horrible Italian restaurant that’s been in our neighborhood for over a decade, had finally closed down. Now I usually don’t rejoice in something closing but Andrea’s really stunk. It took up a huge corner of 3rd avenue and just sat there. And not only did it closed but a new beer bar opened in its’ place. We were ecstatic! Unfortunately our enthusiasm has been a little short lived. So far we’ve been there three times. The first time we swung by for a drink and ordered up some food.

The menu looked great actually- everything sounded amazing. We started with an order of deviled eggs and they were just okay. The filling to egg ratio was perfect but I thought there was too much smoked chili on top. It overpowered the flavor and didn’t add anything good to the dish.

Our second appetizer was Foie Gras Poutine with Mozzarella Cheese Curds and Hudson Valley Foie Gras Gravy. This dish fared better with an ample amount of melted cheese and a tasty, but tame gravy. Unfortunately the fries weren’t very crisp at all and quickly became extremely soggy from the gravy. I think if they double fried the potatoes it would really help out the texture of the dish.

The first time we went the service was atrocious. Obviously they had only been open a week so it was expected but no one seemed to know what was going on or who was doing what. We all hoped this would be figured out with time.

I stopped in the next week as we were planning to watch some NCAA Basketball and grab some beers. A huge sign outside advertised watching all the games but once inside I found the bar dark and empty. Then I was told there would be no sound on for the games even if they were put on, so we left.

The last time I stopped in I was pleasantly surprised to learn they do beer flights. My waiter was extremely friendly and explained each of the beers to me and his service throughout the meal was fantastic. Things were looking up!

However my order of Pulled Pork sliders were pretty awful. The bun was hard, the pork wasn’t moist at all and either was the slaw on top. The whole thing was just one dry and lumpy mess. Not only that, but the size to price ratio was ridiculous. I’ve gotten the pulled pork sandwich at Wildwood countless times and I always get an awesome moist sandwich about three times the size of these with chips and coleslaw for the same price.

That’s when I really started to look at the menu and noticed their Cheeseburger listed for $17. That’s the same price as the Spotted Pig! The ambiance here doesn’t warrant that price tag and judging from the poor sliders I’m pretty sure the taste won’t either. When I got my bill the cost of the beer flight was pricey too. Ginger Man and Stag's Head charge $12- here they charged $14 and again the atmosphere at the first two is much much better.

So for now I’m going to say this place is a little disappointing. The service seems to have stepped up a bit since opening and beer flights are nice, but the price point is way too high for this neighborhood and the food needs some work for sure.

Tap Room 307