Who's Eating All The Donuts?

So Mr. T and I had an excellent day yesterday traveling around Chinatown and the Lower East Side basically just getting different culinary treats which I'll post about later, but one of our big stops was to Doughnut Plant. Actually here's what happened.

Friday night we came up with a plan to go to Chinatown and wander around and get some soup dumplings. I woke up Saturday morning and while Mr. T was getting ready I decided to see what was on TV. Saturday morning TV is pretty bad and the only 2 channels I usually check out are the Food Network (for obvious reason) and the Travel Channel (in hopes they will do something about food). Luckily for me they were! They had an entire show dedicated to doughnuts! I watched eagerly waiting to see if they would go to Doughnut Plant and of course they did!!!

After watching all of that I knew we had to get some.

So after Chinatown we wandered over to the store. It seems a lot of people watched that show because there was bigger line than usual waiting for donuts. We had to wait about 10 minutes before we got to order and once we were there I realized in horror that they were out of my favorite kind! The Tres Leches!!!

I was upset but that didn't stop me from ordering something else- so I went for the 2 new kinds they were promoting the Gingerbread and the Pistachio.

Once we were out the door we dug in! Here's the Gingerbread:

This was exactly what I expected. A great gingerbread flavor with a huge amount of icing. No Tres Leches but really good!

The Pistachio was really good as well but a little bit weak. I thought there would be a stronger pistachio flavor to it but it was a little bland.

Anyways I was happy but not quite fulfilled. And when Im not fulfilled I just can't stop.

I woke up this morning at 8:00 sharp with doughnuts on my mind. I NEEDED a Tres Leches!!! I couldn't stop thinking about it!

Now Doughnut Plant is quite a ways away from my apartment and I did have some things to do before all of the football games were going to start so I checked the Doughnut Plant's website to see where else their doughnuts are carried.

I saw that Dean & Deluca and Joe's Coffee both have them. Since these 2 places are only about 15 blocks away I decided to head out. My first stop was Dean & Deluca.

They had the Pistachio, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Blackout and regular Glazed. No Tres Leches! So I walked over to Joe's.

I was excited when I looked in Joe's case- it looked like there was one Tres Leches left! I ordered a coffee and asked about the doughnut. "Oh that? That's the new Meyer Lemon flavor". Doh!!

So what did I do? I got it.

Yes that is the Meyer Lemon and it is quite tasty. No Tres Leches, but quite tasty.

So my question is- who's eating all the doughnuts? I am in dire need of some!!!

Doughnut Plant