Lunch at Shanghai Cafe

So winter is the time for comforting food and I don't know anything more comforting than soup dumplings. We've been on somewhat of a tear of trying different places out and this Monday was no different.

We woke up- happy from the Giants win and happy with a day off of work. So we decided to head down to Chinatown and fill our bellies with some yummy soup dumplings.

It was freezing outside so we decided to go some place closer to the subway than Joe Shanghai so we didn't have to be outside so much. We headed towards Shanghai Cafe.

Shanghai Cafe was really different inside than I thought it would be. It reminded of a place trapped in the 80's. Remember when you went to get your school picture taken when you were younger and they all the cool kids got the laser background?! For some reason that's what I thought of when I walked in here. If that gives you any indication of the decor!

It was about 1:30 and the place was packed. We had to wait about 5 minutes but scored the back table.

We put in our order and within minutes out first plate arrived. The Soup dumplings!!

As you can see these are bigger than the ones we had at Yeah Shanghai.

These are a different style. At Yeah we got plain pork. Here we went for the crab and pork dumpling. Picking this thing up you could tell it was pretty hefty. I was so excited to take a bite!

Look at all of the crab and pork inside. These dumpling were jam packed and bursting with flavor! The soup itself was wonderful and we both agreed these were much better than Yeah's

Then we got our pork over rice.

I really didn't like this that much. There was little pork and tons of rice. I like my pork to be more of the style of NY Noodletown's pork. I know that's a different style and I seem to prefer it. This takes the place of Yeah Shanghai for us as far as soup dumplings is concerned. We're checking out others though..this search is to be continued....


Kathy YL Chan said…
Hi there! When my parents were visiting for christmas they hit about 6 chinatown restaurants for xiao long bao in a day...and guess what? at the end of the day, they still like Joe Shanghai the best! haha, go figure! Shanghai Cafe, I think, comes a very close second! :) Oh am craving them again!
Tasty Trekker said…
Wow 6 in one day! That's amazing! Next time I will get to Joe's- I need to. I wonder if the midtown one is just as good?