Maoz & Milkshakes

So it was such a beautiful day out today Mr. T and I decided to meet up after work and do some walking around. we actually were planning to buy some groceries at Whole Foods but the line was almost out the door! Seriously! I haven't seen it that crowded since they first opened!

Anyway we made a detour and ended up at Maoz Vegetarian to try our their falafels.

Now we are NOT anywhere close to being vegetarians. We love our meat but I have to say this was one tasty falafel. They have a fixings bar inside so you can top your pita anyway you like it, carrots, coleslaw, tomatoes, etc. Tons of sauces as well. You can also order a falafel salad if your like me and don't really eat the pita.

I got the Junior Maoz meal and it was great. The fries were surprisingly good as well which I wasn't expecting. A great new "fast food" place.

After that we decided to walk over and finally try out the Dessert Truck on University. I was so excited!!! As we are walking down the street I begin to realize I don't see it anywhere ahead. Then I realized that it's closed on Mondays!!! I was so upset. At this point I needed something sweet so we ended up going into the burger joint Stand.

We were both pretty stuffed from our falafels but there's always room for ice cream! We order 2 milkshakes to go - one vanilla and one toasted marshmallow.

These milkshakes are made with gelato so they have a thicker consistency than your average shake. The vanilla was very good- classic taste. The Toasted Marshmallow was fantastic!!! They actually had a whole marshmallow inside with a brown toasty top. I felt like I was drinking a Smores!!! I actually came home and threw some mini M & M's inside for the end just to really get that Smore's taste!!!

So good!!! Now I have to get back to being a little healthier tomorrow to make up for that but it was worth it!!



Unknown said…

I'm sorry you missed us. We'll be open again starting Jan 16 and I hope we'll see you then.

- DessertTruck