Stoned Crow

In case you haven't noticed it yet I really like my burgers. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a good pub burger like you can get at Molly's or sometimes the fast foodie but charbroiled Shake Shack spectacular, or even the gourmet burger like at the Spotted pig. All of these hold a special place in my heart but all are very different from each other. One thing they all do have in common though is that there's usually a wait to get one.

But there's one place I can always go to and get just what I feel is a regular old great cheeseburger with no waiting in line (Shake Shake, Spotted Pig), no pushy tourists bumping into me (Spotted Pig) and some good tunes on the jukebox (sorry Molly's). And this place is the Stoned Crow.

The Stoned Crow is a basement bar near Washington Square Park where I love to just relax, drink some beers and listen to some good music. They have movie and music posters all over the walls and usually a good neighbourhood kind of crowd. But why am I talking about this again on my food blog? Oh yeah- the burgers!!!

The chef at the Stoned Crow is the former chef at Corner Bistro. So all those great burgers they were talking about there years ago have found a new home here. And my they are mighty good.

Here's a picture of mine:

I love how they serve it openfaced so you can decide what condiments you want on top without having to deal with taking off onions covered in cheese, etc. It's a good size- 8 ozs I believe and always cooked to order perfectly. It doesn't come with fries but you can order a side for $4 and you get a huge basket that could easily feed 3 people.

So why are you over at Corner Bistro waiting in line again? The grass is greener over here!

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