Little Pasteries at Ferrara

On the way back from Chinatown lunch the other day we swung by Ferrara to pick up some little desserts for later that night.

Ferrara bills itself as America's first espresso bar which is funny because Ive never had an espreso there. I always just seem to stop in because they have wonderul Italian pasteries that you can buy mini-sized. That way you can try a little of everything!

They have tons of cookies, bars and even mini wedding cakes along the display! Mr T and I just decided to grab some to go and eat at home later.

The Cream Puff was filled with French style custard cream. The cream was good but I thought it could have been a little richer.

Sfogliatella- this is the Clam shaped pastry. It's flaky and filled with ricotta, farina and fruit. This was rings of crunchiness that unfortunately didn't have much else going on. I wouldn't get it again.

The piece de Resistance!! The Napolean- I have tried Napoleon's all over the city and this is one of the best I have ever had. It was Bavarian cream filled Pan'di Spagna. The Pan'di Spagna was fluffy and light so the cream and icing were the center of the show. So Good!! Going back to get another one this weekend.

Cannoli- this was you classic crispy mini tube filled with ricotta cream & chocolate chip. Italian Perfection.