Macaron's at Madeline's

We took a trip up to Albany last week to visit Mr. T's relatives for some post-holiday celebrations. Mr T's aunt isn't a real gourmet chef or anything but her food tastes like it is! She always cooks such amazing food we felt that we needed to bring something amazing to complement it.

I read about this new little dessert place that sold Macarons on one of my favorite blogs and I decided that just might be the dessert to make the meal.

Madeline's is a cute little coffee and pastry place on 23rd street. We got inside and realized there were over 25 flavors of macarons to choose from!! We told the women behind the counter we were going to order a bunch and she took out these cute little boxes. We were a little overwhelmed and just started ordering.

So what did we end up getting? Well I think in here there's Strawberry, Toasted Almond, Praline & White Russian.

In this box there's Blueberry Raspberry, Port Wine, Lemon, Chocolate and Vanilla.

They were all so delicate on the outside and chewy on the inside it was wonderful. At one point we were cutting them in fours so we could try them all! My favorite of the bunch was the praline. I'm a sucker for any kind of praline, cashew, peanut kind of dessert and this was no disappointment.

These macarons look small but one is more than enough for a dessert and at $2.50 a piece they should be.

So the macarons were a hit and once again the food was fabulous! What a nice end to the holiday season!


Anonymous said…
huh.. amazing style :)