Rick's On Main Street

So my parents & brother have been raving about this new place that opened in East Aurora called Rick's on Main. I had heard so much about it I asked that we all meet there as soon as we got back from the airport for dinner.

First of all the outdoor space is really nice. They have a huge wrap around porch that looks out onto Main street which in any other town might mean lots of noise. Luckily East Aurora is a quiet town so the view is nice and they had plenty of tables.

Also the service was impeccable the entire night. Our waiter made sure our drinks were always full and accommodated all of our special requests. Everyone told me I had to get the crab cakes as my appetizer and man- they were fabulous! Look at these cakes!

Just looking at the photo again makes my mouth water! The cakes sit atop a remoulade and sweet chili thai sauce. My Father & Brother are big fans of the sauce and I was as well. The 2 flavors went really well with the crab. But honestly I had a bite of just the crab cake alone and I have to say the cake itself is really just one of the best I have ever had. It's really hard to find a perfect crab cake where it's not too bready, rich or heavy. This cake was just light enough. Really delicious!

For my main I got the Tuna special which was described as sashimi grade tuna served rare to medium rare with basmati rice and a vegetable julienne. Now for some reason I pictured thin slices of rare tuna atop some vegetables. When it came out I was a little disappointed to see an actual huge tuna steak cooked more medium than anything. The dish was very good though. It was way to much food and Mr. Trekker & We both left half of our plates but the flavors again blended well. I chose to swap out the rice for some sauteed greens.

The tuna looks small in the picture but it took up half of the plate!

One of the other specials of the night was the cornmeal encrusted halibut which was also excellent.

My sister-in-law suggested the best dessert of the night which was their apple pie. This was covered in cinnamon crumbles and a light caramel sauce. Yum!!!!! I was so full at this point but I just couldn't seem to stop eating it!

Since it was such a nice summer night I decided to try out the seasonal beer they were offering the Black Dog Honey Raspberry Ale. This beer was really nice. The fruit flavor was light so it came through but wasn't overpowering. Really a great easy to drink summer ale.

So I would say Rick's was one of the best dining experiences I have had in East Aurora in a long time. Possibly the best crab cakes I have ever had. We liked it so much we went back the next day again for an early dinner! 
The only thing I didn't get a picture of was their special summer salad my sister-in-law ordered. I think I was so into my food at that point that I just assumed I had taken a picture of it.

It was greens with all sorts of raspberries, blueberries, honey roasted nuts and a couple of other things I just can't seem to remember. It was also excellent and one of the prettiest dishes of the night with all of the different colors (why didn't I get a picture!!!) Oh well- it's a great excuse to go back again!

Just an excellent dinner with my favorite people- Thanks Dad!