Highline Lunch & Billy's Dessert

So I went to Highline for lunch today. We walked in around 12:30 and were the only people in the place. Maybe it was because of the holiday tomorrow or maybe all of the construction going on outside, but we were shocked it was empty.

We sat down and I ordered a Thai iced tea to drink. My drink was lovely when it came but it was way too sweet! I have enjoyed better ones at Spice. For my appetizer I got the Chicken & Shrimp Fritters. These were very good. Just the right crunchiness and had a great dipping sauce on the side.

For my main I got the garlic and vegetables with beef. This was very good also. Your standard Thai dish in the city. I am not a huge eater for lunch so I thought the portion size was perfect. Someone else might find the size a little on the smaller side though.
For $10 in the Meatpacking district I don't think it gets any cheaper.

On my way home I was craving some sweets. I stopped in Chelsea Market for a free brownie sample from Fatwich, but that didn't satisfy me enough. I decided to walk up to Billy's bakery because I haven't been there in a while. I got a cupcake to eat on the way home and some cookies to go.

The cupcake was good but the frosting was more sugary than I remember it being. I honestly ate about half and then couldn't get down any more.

Once I got home I dived into the cookies. I got a peanut butter one and a molasses butterscotch cookie. The peanut butter cookie was fantastic. chewy in the middle and crisp on the outside. The molasses butterscotch was good but again a little too sugary for my tastes. I honestly had a little stomach ache afterwards.