The La Nova Pizza

So I've been hearing people in Buffalo talk about La Nova's pizza for years but had never tried it myself. Why?

First of all I live in NYC where great pizza joints are on every block. Second of all it is in one of the worst areas of Buffalo. Honestly, it's kind of scary. Not the kind of place you want to be walking around at night.

Anyway, while hanging out with friends this weekend La Nova's name came up on three different occasions followed by "It's soo good! You have to try it!" So we decided to take a drive and check it out. We got some pizza at the place itself and ordered some to go so my mom could also try it. Here's our take out box

They offer your regular slice and a square slice so we decided to get a couple of each. The square slice was enormous! The thing about both of these slices we liked the most was the crust. The square slice has almost a bread stick crust with sesame seeds on top. It was really crunchy.

The regular slice had a buttery crust with a little bit of crispy cheese baked in. We liked this version better.

The pizza has a great sauce which is why I could see some people love it. It's also extremely greasy and cheesy which would make it great food after a night of beer drinking. That being said it was good pizza. Worth traveling out of your way for- definitely not. I have to say I have had better pizza elsewhere in Buffalo and certainly in NYC. But if you find yourself drunk in this area of Buffalo late at night, grab yourself a slice, enjoy it's greasiness......and then get the Hell out of there