Another Lobster Roll!!!!

So two Lobster Rolls in two days is pretty extravagant but we're celebrating our nations independence right? So we headed to our neighborhood place Penelope tonight. This place is so close to us but we've only been there 3 times. For some reason we always forget about it, which is too bad because the food is always great.

Mr. Trekker got the lobster sandwich and I got the warm chicken meatballs arugula salad. Now in contrast to Ditch Plains this one was much more of a salad. The lobster was chopped fine with more mayonnaise and celery. Even thought there was less lobster I preferred this version. The lobster flavor actually came through and wasn't over powered by spices. Also it was only $17- a cool $8 cheaper than Ditch Plains. The french fries here are also great. Nice and crispy and seasoned with rosemary.

My meal was also fantastic. I've had this before and it was just as good. The salad dressing has a great zingy taste and the warm chicken meatballs are just a perfect match for the somewhat bitter arugula.
Penelope is just a nice place to relax and enjoy an evening. If your in the area stop by- you won't be disappointed.