Bar Bill Tavern - These are real Buffalo Wings

So no trip to Buffalo is complete without the two things this place is known for: wings & Beef on weck.

My favorite place for wings is the Bar Bill Tavern. I have been to this place over a hundred times in my life. The wings are always made extra crispy with a lot of meat and flavor. The service here is also great. The bartenders get to know your name and you'll see anyone from an elderly woman eating alone to families to guys just getting drunk. This food knows no boundaries.

Now when people think of Buffalo wings they usually think of hot wings. At the Bar Bill they have extended to a bunch of different flavors than your usual hot, medium & mild. The first order we got was the Sicilian wings. These are wings covered in Italian dressing with Parmesan cheese grated on top. Unfortunately it was really dark in the bar and I had also had a couple of beers so the pictures are not the best but here are the Sicilian wings

Sicilian wings close up- see all the cheese on top!

Next up we got the medium wings and an order of beer fries. Don't the wings just look crispy! Medium is the way to go here. I usually order hot at other places but the hot here is REALLY HOT. If you don't want to be crying as your eating your wings go for the medium.

The last order we got is my favorite kind the Honey Butter BBQ. This is the best sauce of all. The only thing that could make these wings better would be a little more sauce. Next time I think I'll ask for some extra sauce on the side.

And lastly, the Beef on Weck. This is basically roast beef that has been cooked very slowly and comes on top of a Kaiser roll with salt on the top. The meat in these sandwiches is so moist the top and bottom of the bun almost get mushy because of all the juice that flows out of the beef. Again the picture does not do it justice.

We ended up eating here three times during our trip but of course I only had my cell phone camera on me all three times. Next time I go back I will take some better pictures with a regular camera. Anyway if you're in Buffalo don't let anyone tell you any different- this is THE place to go for some wings.