Eating In!!!

So we hardly ever eat in for two simple reasons:

1. We aren't very good cooks
2. We are extremely lazy

To be honest it's more of number 2. I think we could have the ability to be good cooks if we weren't so addicted to television.

Anyway one of the things that has made cooking at home for us a lot easier was the opening of Trader Joes in Manhattan. I had always heard about this grocery store first for it's cheap wine but their prepared food has some great stuff.

One new item we're loving is their Chipotle Lime Chicken Strips.

These chicken strips just need to be heated in the microwave for 2 minutes and are ready to go. They have a great chipotle flavor that's smooth- not spicy. We've been making tacos with them for weeks now. Actually everything in the picture below for this meal we got from Trader Joe's.

I honestly think the whole meal cost about $12 -$13. We used the left over tortillas to make wraps for lunch and used the left over lettuce and cheese as part of dinner another night. Pretty good deal right?

All you do is heat the chicken and then throw everything except the lettuce in a shell and throw it on a Griddle.

We use our Cuisinart Griddler that we just got and it's awesome.

Look at the finished product. It's a mess of gooey, cheesy goodness. That takes about 2 minutes to put together.

Ah...I love you Trader Joes!