So we were so exhausted from cooking our tacos the night before we decided to order in from Rice.

The first time we had Rice was when we went to visit Mr. Trekker's brother and sister-in-law in DUMBO and we fell in love. So we were psyched when they opened one near us. Unfortunately this one always seems to mess up our order somehow so we don't get it as much as we thought we would, but tonight we only ordered one thing so it came alright.

We got an order of their Jerk Chicken Wings. As you'll notice these wings are much smaller than your regular Buffalo Wings and they're grilled not fried. They have a lot of Caribbean spices marinated on them and are topped with grated coconut.

The result is really moist and tender chicken that almost falls apart as you pick it up. The grilling gives it a great smokey almost BBQ flavor. They are fantastic wings! If you get them definitely order a party pack because they are addicting. These were gone in about 5 minutes.