My Best of 2011 List

What a crazy year 2011 has been! There has been so much good food, wine and fun going on it’s been a little out of control. Here’s a look back on the year and some of my favorite food and drink highlights.

Best New Opening- Maison Laduree
There are no better macarons in the city than these little guys. Thank goodness they opened up otherwise I would be ordering boxes from Paris.

Maison Laduree Review

Best Burger- Gramercy Tavern
I really can’t get over how delicious this burger was. The dry aged beef was perfect and that Clothbound Cheddar Cheese just sealed the deal.

Best Dessert- Gramercy Tavern
Sweet corn ice cream, fresh blueberry preserves, toffee popcorn and a pepper whipped cream. This seasonal Blueberry Corn Sundae is amazing. Mark your calendars for autumn to see if it makes a return.

Best Croissant- Bien Cuit
Remember this thing? I compared it to crack (If I knew what crack was like) It was that freaking good.

 Bien Cuit Review

Best Happy Hour- Lani Kai
Hawaiian Iced Teas and Bermuda Triangle cocktails in a tiki lounge. What could be better? Oh right- $3 BBQ Short Rib sliders. Bam!

Lani Kai Review

Mr. T’s New Favorite- Cocoron Soba
Mr. T literally sits at home and makes hand gestures like he’s eating this bowl of noodles with chopsticks constantly. It’s driving me insane but their Stamina Dip Soba is pretty amazing.

Best Lunch- ABC Kitchen
ABC Kitchen has really hit its stride and the fresh organic ingredients and inventive flavors make each meal an experience. The 3 course $28 lunch deal is a steal especially with the decadent ice cream sundae at the end.

Best Restaurant Week Meal- Union Square Café
It definitely had some ups and downs but if I combined Sean’s appetizer and dessert with my main course it would have been unbeatable.

Union Square Cafe RW Review 

Runner Up- Quality Meats
This pretty much started my obsession with Steak Tartare. Everything about the place was awesome and it ended with coffee and doughnut ice cream. I mean really-how good is that!

Quality Meats RW Review

Best Surprise Meal- Millers Tavern
This little place in Williamsburg completely shocked us with fabulous Oysters, a great Smoked Gouda Burger and a decadent Rabbit Ragu.

Best Meal Overall- La Bigarrade (Paris)

What can I say- it was three hours of pure bliss. Each course was exciting, inventive and wonderful. The service and atmosphere were simply perfect.

Runner Up- The Bull and Last (London)
From the cozy atmosphere and comforting Sunday Roast to the utterly amazing Chacuterie Plate. If I ever move to London I will be sure to have this place in my neighborhood.

Best of the Rest 2011

Cesar Salad at Milliseme
Grande Piatto Misto di Salumi & Formaggi at Eataly
Washugyu Tataki with Potato Salad at Ippudo
Scallion Pancake with Beef at Nan Xiang
Bronx Brewery Bronx Ale
Gianduja Budino at Osteria Morini



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