Restaurant Week at Quality Meats

Well after my somewhat miserable experience at The Central Park Boathouse I had all but written off the rest of Restaurant Week. But then I ran into a friend over the weekend who absolutely raved about her lunch at Quality Meats. She was so happy about her meal I kind of obsessed about it all week and finally ended up taking a few hours off of work so I could try it out. One of the best parts about Quality Meats is that lunch goes until 3:00. I was able to get one of the last reservations which worked out perfectly for my schedule. I knew I had made the right decision as soon as my bread arrived in this little cast iron skillet!

Fresh out of the oven golden rolls covered with rosemary and salt- it was one of the nicest bread baskets I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Something about breaking apart each fluffy warm roll was so satisfying. I was extremely happy until my first course arrived- when I became elated.

Look at this gorgeous Steak Tartare presentation! No overcooked egg here (thank you M Wells). The wooden paddle held a mixture of salt, pepper, mustard and truffled capers. The bartender instructed me to blend everything in with a touch of Tabasco.

All I can say is WOW. This was hands down the best Steak Tartare I have ever had. I mean eyes rolling back into the head heavy sighing kind of good. It was almost as if all the craziness of life had stopped and all that mattered was the magnificence before me. I just cannot describe any better how much I loved this dish.

I tried to go a little bit lighter with my Main Course and ordered the Shrimp Salad Sandwich. I assumed this would be a la carte but was happy to see the fries and salad as accompaniments.

The salad was delicious- it had less mayo than most salads with lots of shrimp and tarragon. Underneath the mound of salad was a cooling slice of avocado and some juicy tomatoes.

The fries looked awesome with cheese and spice on top but they honestly looked a little better than they were. They were certainly crispy waffle fries but the cheese and spice didn’t add anything to the dish. Well I ended up boxing most of this to go because my Tartare had filled me up and I knew what was coming next.

My Coffee and Doughnuts. How cute is this dessert! Coffee Ice Cream with a Chocolate Doughnut bottom and Glazed Mini Doughnut on top- this was whimsical and wonderful at the same time. I promised myself I would only finish half but suddenly my spoon was scraping bottom. Oh well- it was my last RW lunch- why not go all out right?

Besides the food and spectacular service by my bartender, the place itself is simply awesome. Look at this gorgeous steam ware! The entire restaurant was just so well refined. There’s wood panels and leather couches alongside little nooks in crannies in the back for a cozier meal. It was hip and trendy but still managed to keep a steakhouse feel but much more feminine. Quality Meats was the perfect example of a restaurant doing RW right. I was so impressed and cannot wait to come back again for dinner. My last RW meal was quite possibly my best- I love ending on a good note!

Quality Meats