Cocoron Soba

How in the world I never heard of this place until a few weeks ago is beyond me. I like to think I know a lot about the dining in this city- and especially a lot about noodle places Mr. T’s favorite. Somehow this little gem of a place got past my radar until now. Tucked away in a little store front on Delancy Street this place is easy to pass. However once you get your hands on their noodles I guarantee you’ll stop.

Take a look at this pile of noodles. This is the first step of enjoying the Stamina Dip Soba. Pick up some noodles- then place them into this ridiculously steamy aromatic broth for about 10 seconds to heat up.

Then Eat! The noodles have such a toothsome, nutty texture I just wanted to slurp these up all day! The broth was packed with flavor from the beef, mushroom and chicken. Talk about a little slice of heaven!

If you do come to Cocoron stick to the noodles. We started with the Salt Cured “Ham” style Chicken and I just thought it was weird. It tasted alright with the scallion and wasabi mayo but the whole chicken as ham thing just kind of creeped me out.

The Steamed Chicken Meatball wasn’t a great side either. The meat was covered in sticky rice and I found the combination of textures quite revolting actually. I hope to never see one again.

All that being said the Soba is so wonderful I’m dying to go back. The place only seats about 12 people so be prepared to wait but also be prepared to see your entire meal cooked in front of your eyes in the open kitchen. No alcohol is served so if you need a cocktail with your meal this place isn’t for you but if you want to completely submerse yourself in a frothy, warm bowl of noodles please stop by.

Cocoron and Goemon