A Feast at Cannibal

You may remember me talking about Cannibal a while back, the new offshoot of Resto that specializes in good beer and tartares.  I’ve been a few times now and although I continue to have a love/hate feeling towards Resto (currently in the hate side) I have a total love side for Cannibal- here’s why.  Number one- bar snacks.


Whole nuts still inside the shell sit on the bar with a cracker just waiting to be used.  This bowl immediately brought me back to my youth when we would visit my great Aunt during the holidays. She always had a big bowl of almonds just like this and it was so satisfying to crack each one open.  Number two- the Tartares.

This is the Lamb Tartare and they blend the meat with shallots, capers and a little harissa aioli which made it utterly freaking delicious.  Number three- the extensive beer list.

Okay so I went for an extra dry cider to begin with but finished up with one of my favorite bottles of Allagash Black.  The variety of beers here is amazing and I love that it’s so close to home I can just swing by and pick up a couple bottles whenever I want to.  Although I don’t need more than three reasons let’s just end it with some jerky.


Some deliciously smoky beef jerky.  Does it get much better than this?  Oh yeah and I got to watch football on their big TV the entire time I was eating.  Now it can’t get any better than that.