Lunch at Gramercy Tavern

You would think we would relax a bit after our eating and drinking madness of a vacation in Europe but it was right back to craziness as soon as we got home. We both took Monday off to rest but then a concert Tuesday night, another one on Thursday and a weekend visit from Mr. T’s sister put us right back in the thick of things. Luckily she loves Gramercy Tavern just as much, if not more than I do so it was an easy choice for a Monday lunch. We took two seats at the bar and ordered something we’ve never tried before- their special burger.

They use dry aged beef for this burger and you can really taste the difference in the meat. It had so much flavor and was incredibly moist. But the meat wasn’t even the best part honestly- it was the cheese.

This Clothbound Cabot Cheddar Cheese was downright addictive. It had a thick, slightly salty tang that was just wonderful. Kate and I both keep putting the burger down about halfway through since we were getting full but that cheese kept calling us back. Yeah we both finished our burgers- no need to be ladylike with an awesome burger like this.

It came with a variety of house made sauces including a spicy ketchup and a smoky mayonnaise. Usually I’m all over fancy sauces but this burger was so good there was no need to add anything else. I think this may be one of my favorite burgers of all time! Why it hasn’t gotten more press is beyond me.

And let’s not forget to talk about dessert! I was so excited to see the Blueberry Corn Sundae on the tavern menu- sweet corn ice cream, fresh blueberry preserves, toffee popcorn and a pepper whipped cream! This was absolutely amazing. I really can’t describe how good it was there were so many textures and flavors going on. It’s really something you must try out for yourself. Do it- you’ll thank me later.

Gramercy Tavern


kathyarnold said…
Grammercy Tavern is number one on my list. The atmosphere is so warm and comforting. The food is always good and the beer and wine choices remarkable. Love the bar-especially the corner seats by the window. A great spot to watch the world go by.
Roze said…
I couldn't have said it better myself Kathy!